Work With Me Again

To get started, click here to copy the Google Sheet with the instructions; it is unique to you and will be stored in your Google Drive, so no one but you has access unless you share it with them.

When it comes to our own behavior, we can all be a little unaware. That's why getting feedback from others can help us improve, by showing how what we do affects them. But feedback can be hard. People around us may not feel comfortable being direct and anonymous, unstructured comments can make it hard to know how to improve.

Work With Me Again is a simple project to tackle getting actionable feedback. It starts by focusing on a behavior (working with someone again) rather than thoughts or emotions, while still allowing for unstructured feedback. It is anonymous, but collects enough demographic data to allow for statistical analysis to surface potential biases. Work With Me Again comes in two parts: a Google Form to gather feedback and a Google Sheet to analyze it.

If you'd like to see an example of the results, Matt Wallaert has made his public.